Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cleaning the bathtub ...

... is not always a fun job, but here's a small little trick I just discovered:

I ran the water until it was as hot as I could get it, then dumped a small amount of Lysol (or whichever anti-bacterial cleaner you prefer) into the hot water. I dunked the rag into the hot water, scrubbed the tub until it was clean, then opened the drain and rinsed the tub out well ... no messing with a bucket, no messing with containing a spray bottle inside the tub, ... and I have a clean tub!

Monday, February 3, 2014

"Twister" variation for little ones

So many things I want to blog about and have pictures for ... but time has gotten away from me!

However, here's a variation on "Twister" that little ones (who don't know "right" and "left" yet) can play!

Rather than calling out "right foot," "left foot," "right hand," and "left hand," call out OTHER body parts "hands on yellow," "feet on green," "nose on red," "elbow on blue," etc...

My sister in law did this with my Princess and Little Buddy yesterday so they could burn off some energy ... and they LOVED it!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Magic" Rice Krispies

Yesterday, my darling little boy was up  before his big sister, and when I say "earlier" I mean at approximately 6:45. Remembering that my darling little princess usually sleeps until 8:00-8:30, this meant that little buddy was going to need a "snack" before breakfast.

Little Buddy likes Rice Krispies, so I poured him a small bowl, added a bit of sugar (because without a bit of sugar, Rice Krispies are a bit bland - ok, a LOT bland), and topped it off with a bit of milk. A few minutes later, he had abandoned the half-eaten bowl to push a barstool over to the cabinet where I keep my baking supplies (not quite sure what the fascination is that my children have with this cabinet) and he brought me the red sugar sprinkles that we top cookies with. I thought about it for a second, and said, "Ok, sure, why not?" and I sprinkled a few sugar crystals into his rice krispies...  he was fascinated by the red sugar crystals and went back to eating his now-red/pink rice krispies.

I wonder what he would do if his Rice Krispies were blue? or green? hmmm ....

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laundry Confessions ...

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged,  and while I've got several topics I want to do (and pics to go with them, even!) extra time has not been plentiful lately...

Time for me to be really honest ... I struggle with folding laundry and getting it put away. (Might have something to do with adding 3 children to the family, then again, who knows why)

My previous method to make sure that the laundry got folded and put away was to dump it on my bed as it came out of the dryer. That way, I had to fold and put away the laundry before I went to bed! While this works great in theory, the problem is that, often, there was still laundry piled on the bed until after sweetheart got home from work. While this doesn't bother him, it drove me crazy because I was trying to accomplish all my housework/laundry before he arrives home from work so that our evenings can be "family time," not "chores time."

My latest solution that I'm trying and is working so far ... no more laundry on my bed ... instead, I fold it in the kitchen and sort it on the kitchen table... since I'm in the kitchen a lot more throughout the day, it drives me crazy to see laundry stacked in my kitchen, so I put it away! And, since it's on the kitchen table, I have to put it away before we can eat dinner ...

I guess I'm tricking myself into getting it finished earlier, but, hey! You can't argue with what's working!

How do YOU get this accomplished?

Monday, April 15, 2013

God's Amazing World

Here's an aspect of some (though not all) pregnancies that few people want to talk about: hemorrhoids. I've experienced them with (severely) with my last two pregnancies, and I can tell you from personal experience: IT'S NOT FUN! They burn, itch like crazy, and generally make life miserable... walking, sitting, LIFE is uncomfortable.

However, it's not a topic of conversation that I ever remember having with my doctor until AFTER the hemorrhoids were a problem ... and boy, were they EVER!!! My daughter couldn't understand why mommy was having such a difficult time holding her, but the extra weight of her sitting on my lap was unbearable... and the specialist my doctor referred me to said that they were afraid to send me into early labor if they treated the hemorrhoids... what's a girl to do?!?!?!?! Just "tough it out" for the next few months?!?!?!!?! Not cool!

Here's what I did: I called my grandma. Grandma was about 90 years old when I called her. She was raised Amish, and she has a good sense of when things can be treated "naturally" and when it's time for medical intervention. So, I trusted that, if there was something I could do, my grandma would know.

Would you believe that MOLASSES is a natural help for hemorrhoids?!?!?!?! Grandma said to take 1 tablespoon of "Blackstrap Molasses" either "straight" or dissolve it into 1 cup of near-boiling hot water and drink it ... My first reaction was: since molasses won't hurt the baby (pregnant at the time means baby's health is TOP PRIORITY), I'll try it. The first 2-3 days, I made 2-3 cups of "molasses tea" a day (morning, lunch, night) ... relief was AMAZING! After just a few days, the hemorrhoids weren't as uncomfortable and life was bearable again. After that point, I simply made 1 cup a day to keep them at bay.

When hemorrhoids hit again with baby #3, I tried it again, and SUCCESS!!! Same results.

While I certainly am not against medical intervention (had epidurals with all 3 deliveries), I am more than willing to try natural remedies whenever possible.

While some people might not want to talk about it, as hemorrhoids are embarrassing to discuss, they CAN be a reality during pregnancy and life ... if you're one of the "lucky ones" to experience hemorrhoids, I hope this little bit of info helps!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

On-track cleaning

With 3 children under the age of 5, things in my home rarely stay in the room in which they actually belong. Toys end up in every room of the house, things from their bedrooms end up in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. When I'm cleaning, it would be so easy to get distracted as I begin to put things away, however, I've found a trick that works for me, so I'm hoping someone else might find in useful, too!

How I manage to clean my house without getting distracted with other cleaning projects:

1. Formulate a plan. Pick one place to start and decide how you will work your way through your home.

2. As you work your way through your plan, if you find something out of place, take it to the room it belongs in. Here's where the plan splits:
     a. You haven't made it to this room yet: put the item down and GO BACK to the room you were working on. Don't bother putting the item away, just leave it!
     b. If you HAVE cleaned the room already, PUT IT AWAY. Go back to the room you were working in and go on.

Here's an example:
I'm cleaning my children's room (They're 4 and 3, so I still do it). Legos have been brought into their room and abandoned. Since the legos currently belong in the living room, I take the legos and toss them into the area where the other legos are on the floor. I leave the living room and go back to the children's room. As I continue cleaning, I find they've taken the Q-Tip container off my bathroom shelf and brought it into their room. Since I've already cleaned my bathroom, I take the Q-Tip holder back to my bathroom and PUT IT AWAY, leaving everything in bathroom in its proper place.

This method allows me the freedom to ignore the rooms that I haven't gotten to yet, even while I'm making brief excursions into them. It isn't that I don't see what needs to be done in those rooms, I have just taught myself that I will get to that room in a little while, and it can be a mess until I get there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quick Inexpensive trick!

Take those less expensive, rounded plastic hangers and make non-slip hangers out of them!!!

Using your hot-glue gun, run a bead of glue down the top of each side of the hanger and allow to dry - DONE. That was easy! I did a wavy line down mine, it seemed to be a little easier than trying to make a perfectly straight line (which it doesn't have to be). 

(This is not original with me, but I can't remember where I saw this tip/trick, so unfortunately, I can't give credit to my source ... I'm bummed, because I always like to credit my sources -it's the English major in me!)