Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teaching Princess and Little Buddy "Right" and "Left"

I realized yesterday that Princess is now 5 years old and Little Buddy is now 4 ... and I don't think either one of them knows their "right hand" and "left hand."

So, I grabbed one of my ever-at-the-ready Sharpie markers and wrote an "R" on their right hands and the top of their right foot and an "L" on their left hands and feet. I placed them in front of me, facing the same direction, so that the letter is correct from their viewpoint.

Throughout the day, I asked them which was their "right hand," "left foot," etc. I'm hopeful that a few days of this will teach them which is which!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cleaning the bathtub ...

... is not always a fun job, but here's a small little trick I just discovered:

I ran the water until it was as hot as I could get it, then dumped a small amount of Lysol (or whichever anti-bacterial cleaner you prefer) into the hot water. I dunked the rag into the hot water, scrubbed the tub until it was clean, then opened the drain and rinsed the tub out well ... no messing with a bucket, no messing with containing a spray bottle inside the tub, ... and I have a clean tub!