Monday, April 15, 2013

God's Amazing World

Here's an aspect of some (though not all) pregnancies that few people want to talk about: hemorrhoids. I've experienced them with (severely) with my last two pregnancies, and I can tell you from personal experience: IT'S NOT FUN! They burn, itch like crazy, and generally make life miserable... walking, sitting, LIFE is uncomfortable.

However, it's not a topic of conversation that I ever remember having with my doctor until AFTER the hemorrhoids were a problem ... and boy, were they EVER!!! My daughter couldn't understand why mommy was having such a difficult time holding her, but the extra weight of her sitting on my lap was unbearable... and the specialist my doctor referred me to said that they were afraid to send me into early labor if they treated the hemorrhoids... what's a girl to do?!?!?!?! Just "tough it out" for the next few months?!?!?!!?! Not cool!

Here's what I did: I called my grandma. Grandma was about 90 years old when I called her. She was raised Amish, and she has a good sense of when things can be treated "naturally" and when it's time for medical intervention. So, I trusted that, if there was something I could do, my grandma would know.

Would you believe that MOLASSES is a natural help for hemorrhoids?!?!?!?! Grandma said to take 1 tablespoon of "Blackstrap Molasses" either "straight" or dissolve it into 1 cup of near-boiling hot water and drink it ... My first reaction was: since molasses won't hurt the baby (pregnant at the time means baby's health is TOP PRIORITY), I'll try it. The first 2-3 days, I made 2-3 cups of "molasses tea" a day (morning, lunch, night) ... relief was AMAZING! After just a few days, the hemorrhoids weren't as uncomfortable and life was bearable again. After that point, I simply made 1 cup a day to keep them at bay.

When hemorrhoids hit again with baby #3, I tried it again, and SUCCESS!!! Same results.

While I certainly am not against medical intervention (had epidurals with all 3 deliveries), I am more than willing to try natural remedies whenever possible.

While some people might not want to talk about it, as hemorrhoids are embarrassing to discuss, they CAN be a reality during pregnancy and life ... if you're one of the "lucky ones" to experience hemorrhoids, I hope this little bit of info helps!

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