Thursday, February 7, 2013

On-track cleaning

With 3 children under the age of 5, things in my home rarely stay in the room in which they actually belong. Toys end up in every room of the house, things from their bedrooms end up in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. When I'm cleaning, it would be so easy to get distracted as I begin to put things away, however, I've found a trick that works for me, so I'm hoping someone else might find in useful, too!

How I manage to clean my house without getting distracted with other cleaning projects:

1. Formulate a plan. Pick one place to start and decide how you will work your way through your home.

2. As you work your way through your plan, if you find something out of place, take it to the room it belongs in. Here's where the plan splits:
     a. You haven't made it to this room yet: put the item down and GO BACK to the room you were working on. Don't bother putting the item away, just leave it!
     b. If you HAVE cleaned the room already, PUT IT AWAY. Go back to the room you were working in and go on.

Here's an example:
I'm cleaning my children's room (They're 4 and 3, so I still do it). Legos have been brought into their room and abandoned. Since the legos currently belong in the living room, I take the legos and toss them into the area where the other legos are on the floor. I leave the living room and go back to the children's room. As I continue cleaning, I find they've taken the Q-Tip container off my bathroom shelf and brought it into their room. Since I've already cleaned my bathroom, I take the Q-Tip holder back to my bathroom and PUT IT AWAY, leaving everything in bathroom in its proper place.

This method allows me the freedom to ignore the rooms that I haven't gotten to yet, even while I'm making brief excursions into them. It isn't that I don't see what needs to be done in those rooms, I have just taught myself that I will get to that room in a little while, and it can be a mess until I get there.

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