Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inexpensive Cash Organizational System

Sweetheart and I have been working very hard to get out of debt. While there are several good programs out there that will work, we chose to follow Dave Ramsey's plan ( One of the principle tools Dave suggests is using cash whenever possible. Well, that requires a way to keep it organized, and I've found that either Sweetheart or I carrying Dave's envelope system (Dave's Envelope System) just didn't work for us, because then the other didn't have access to it when they needed it.

Well, a little creativity and a few household things, and I made our own envelope cash system.

12 business-size envelopes, labelled with the cash categories Sweetheart and I agreed upon: Toiletries & Cosmetics, Entertainment, Fish (for the aquariums), Hobbies (Sweetheart's photography, my crafting, etc), Gasoline (we keep enough cash hidden in each vehicle for 1fill-up, then replace as needed), Adult clothing, Children's Clothing, Household Supplies (Trash bags, lightbulbs, etc), Gifts, Grocery, Restaurants, and BLOW (this is the "whatever" slush fund that helps keep us in budget).

Now I had the envelopes, but I needed something to store them in. Hmmm... looking around our home, I spied something that was the perfect size:
a rice box! I measured how much of the box I needed, cut it, shook it out really well, and placed the envelopes inside! Works perfectly!

Now, if Sweetheart or I need cash for an errand, it comes out of the appropriate envelope, and the others stay put in case the other one of us needs cash for something!

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