Friday, April 27, 2012

So thankful that some things are habits!

Yesterday was nutty here in my home. Our church has a small music group (music, marching, dancing, instruments, general controlled chaos) for little ones that my children LOVE, so I try to make it as often as possible. However, my cleaning routine Monday had kind of slipped, so I really wanted to clean our little home yesterday as well. Sweetheart took the morning off of work so that he could run sound for a rehearsal for a children's program, and so things were really "out of normal."

Oh, well! Enter routines and get-it-done-as-quick-as-you-can! We needed to leave for "music" (as princess calls it) by 9:20. I managed to dust and vacuum our bedroom, the little ones' bedroom and living room/dining room, as well as get breakfast dishes washed, dried, and put away, and their lunch ready to put in the microwave as soon as we got home (we get home late for lunch when we go to music, so I try to have it as ready as possible) all before we left.

Music was fun (as always) but buddy fell asleep on the way home. Got home, changed diapers quickly, heated lunch, fed them, put buddy down for a nap.

While he was napping, I did lunch dishes and scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen - apartment clean!

After Sweetheart got home from work, we had a quick dinner of leftovers, then went to the house we are preparing to move to so we could measure some things. The little ones had so much fun exploring (inside and outside), then we had DQ (special treat) on our way home... we didn't get home until 9:00 (usual bedtime - and we haven't started baths yet!) Quick baths, snacks, and little ones were in bed by 10:15.

Yikes! I had dishes piled in the kitchen, clean laundry piled on my bed, and still needed to do my Pilates exercise! So, deep breath and plunged in to dishes, filled the drainer with clean dishes, while they dried, I folded laundry, putting ours away and layering the little ones laundry in a basket (I organize by drawers, that way, I only have to open each drawer ONCE when putting their laundry away). Back to the kitchen to finish the dishes. Got those done by 11:30, 15 minutes of Pilates, in the shower by 11:45... bed by 12:15! 

Not too bad, I thought!

My clean kitchen!
I LOVE waking up to a clean kitchen! My tip: I keep a plastic dishpan under my sink. If dishes are used AFTER I clean up the kitchen, they are put in the dishpan under the sink until the next round of dishes. That gives me a spot to easily find dirty dishes, yet keep my kitchen looking clean and welcoming in the meantime!

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