Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lacing Cards

As promised, here's the blog post on the lacing cards I made for my little ones.

The how-to I followed is: but I altered it slightly to make them, I feel, a little sturdier.

You will need:
* A picture to use (I found a free image on the web and centered it on the page before printing it)
* A cereal, instant oatmeal box, or something of a similar weight.
* Glue
* Single hole punch
* Yarn - about 24-30 inches
* Scissors
* Crayons, markers, colored pencils if your picture needs colored
(I LOVE my Reeve's colored pencils - found them at an art/education store and use them for EVERYTHING!)
* Clear Shipping/Packing tape

1. Color image, if needed or desired. I didn't cut the 8 1/2 x 11 page... I folded it! I folded it the width of the instant oatmeal box. I like folding it so that the glue doesn't wrinkle the top layer (image).

2. Trim cereal/oatmeal box to the size of the folded paper.

3. I only use glue on the folded edges. If you scroll back up to the second photo of step 1, I put the glue on the right and left folded panels. I glue it to the picture side of the box, the back of the lacing card is blank cardboard.

4. While the glue is drying, take the yarn and tie a "loop knot" as close to the end as you can get it. (Double over the end of the yarn, make a simple slipknot). You should have a small "loop" of yarn on each end. Put a large drop of glue on your fingertip, then work the glue into the yarn knots on each end. This stiffens the knot and makes it a bit easier for my toddler to thread it through the punched holes.

5. "Laminating" the card is the step that I added. I feel it adds a bit of sturdiness to the card and makes it so that my toddlers cannot pull the image off the cardboard! 

** Cut a strip of packing tape about 1 1/2 inches longer than one side of your lacing card. Center the card, image side down, against the sticky side of the tape.

** Carefully cut straight up (from the bottom of the image) to the corner of the card on each side. Fold the tape over the bottom edge (the bottom of the image) up over side of the card. 

** Now cut the tape straight to the corner to remove the overhanging tape. Repeat on other side.

Rotate the card 180 degrees and repeat the ** steps to the opposite side of the card.

Now, it's easy! Take another strip of tape, make sure the strips overlap slightly over the image and wrap the edges of the tape over the back. Repeat until image is covered. 

6. Using a hole punch, evenly space holes around edges of card. 

And, you're finished!

(I had to borrow the single hole punch and didn't have it this morning when I made the lamb one, so here's a previous one!

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