Friday, April 13, 2012

Keeping my home clean...

... is a constant battle! With 2 precious toddlers, things get sticky and crumbs seem to get everywhere no matter how much I clean! This is also prime allergy season for Sweetheart (and Buddy too, it seems), so that means the less dust our home has in it, the easier time they have. With the early onset of spring, ants have also come calling earlier than they have in the past, and the crumb trails my little Hansel and Gretel leave are prime ant bait... beginning to see why people think I'm a "neat freak?"

Anyway... I timed myself yesterday with a stopwatch (so I could "stop" and "start" when I wasn't actually cleaning) so I could find out how long it actually takes me to clean my home and bless my family. I dusted both bedrooms and living room, swept all three rooms, wiped down bathroom, swept and mopped kitchen and entryway in ... less than 30 minutes!!!

Next time you clean, I challenge you to find out how long it takes you to actually clean rather than how long you think it takes... I was surprised to find out it only took me 30 minutes to clean my 2-bedroom apartment home!

I actually "clean" twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. However, I cheat a bit. Mondays, I clean the bathroom (scrub shower, mop, etc) and only sweep the kitchen. On Thursdays, the bathroom just gets a wipe-down and I run a damp rag along the baseboards to pick up the yuckies and I sweep/mop the kitchen and clean the microwave and clean out the fridge. Both days, I dust/sweep the carpeted rooms. I clean the kitchen on Thursdays because Fridays are my grocery shopping days, and it's a lot easier to clean an emptier fridge/pantry than a bulging one!

The other upside to my cleaning twice a week - even though I try not to miss it, if I do, it's not the end of the world. LIFE HAPPENS and with my morning and evening routines, life can happen and I don't feel overwhelmed when I can catch back up.

I hope you have a great day!

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