Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diaper Bag

So... moms of infants and toddlers, what have you found a necessity for your diaper bags?

Every time I use my diaper bag, I re-stock it before putting it away. This way, if there is an emergency, my diaper bag is ready to go and I just have to grab blankies/lovies and my little ones are set for a little while.

The contents of my diaper bag:

8 diapers (that's 4 hours worth - 1 per child per hour)

package of baby wipes... both for diapering and for wiping sticky fingers/faces

meal time supplies: hair clips for princess, bib for buddy, cups for both, plastic placemats, (Placemats - I use the wal-mart brand, but this is the idea)

a small bag of toys for each child

a small first-aid kit (band-aid plus antibiotic - I use these ONLY for the diaper bag because they are so expensive, but worth the convenience when on-the-go; thermometer, hand sanitizer, afterbite for kids, chap-stick)

a few sandwich baggies to hold diapers in case we're not close to a trash can

small package of tissues

a small nylon clip strap (found it in the camping section of wal-mart) in case a high chair is missing a seat belt (happens often)

Princess' tommiguard harness (Tommiguard) because it's not a matter of IF she will run, it's just a matter of WHEN. I tell my little princess that she has to wear it because she is too precious for mommy to lose! (need to get another one for buddy!)

2 Crayola Juice Box Holders (Juice Box Holder) with juice boxes. Okay, before I had toddlers, I saw these in the stores and thought "GIMMICK!!!!" That was until I handed my son his first juice box and he immediately squeezed it, creating a juice "fountain." I bought 2 my next trip to Wal-mart!

a few  individually wrapped Shout wipes (for instant stain treatment)

a snack (this is the only reason I purchase the small cartons of goldfish, small to-go cookies, etc - they're just too expensive to use all the time, but super-convenient for the diaper bag!)

Closed-you can see there's still room in the top for last-minute additions!
Open... the small black bag is the "meal kit," the 2 red bags are the bags of toys
First aid and essentials (shout wipes, baggies, etc)
To show size of bag
First aid and essentials
Juice boxes - fit in the side pockets nicely!

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