Friday, March 23, 2012

Say What???

Okay, usually, I'd try things a few times before posting them, but this one worked so well on its first run, that I'm posting it now. Honestly, using the vinegar fabric softener helped with the static, but didn't ELIMINATE it.

I was playing around on Pinterest and found this idea: that a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer will stop static cling. My first thought was "REALLY!?!?!?" But, after checking with my electrical engineer sweetheart, who assured me that there was no danger in trying it as long as I used a large enough ball so that it didn't get through the vents into the heating area, I decided to give it a shot on a last-minute load of laundry last night. It was a perfect test load, as it was just my toddlers' clothes, so usually things stick together and I have washcloths and socks sticking to shirts and things.

The verdict.... NO STATIC!!!!

Just try it! You can re-use the same ball of aluminum foil over and over again. Sweetheart says it works because the ball collects the static from the clothes, then disperses it when it contacts the drum of the dryer as it tumbles.

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