Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morning Routine - Master Bedroom

Continuing the theme from yesterday's post, each room in my home has its own "morning routine."

My routine for the master bedroom is so very simple: make the bed, make sure all laundry is off the floor (dirty laundry goes into a bin in our closet), empty off nightstands/dresser of anything that doesn't go there, and empty trash (when Sweetheart is fighting allergies, this is a necessity before my two little ones get into the trash).

I've found that keeping the master bedroom neat and organized helps my entire home run smoother because Sweetheart and I have a calm, orderly place to relax and rest.

Doing this daily keeps me ahead of the cleaning curve by preventing "pile-up" that I have to deal with when I clean the bedroom.

Try it for a week! I think you will see a difference!

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