Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keeping the bathroom clean

With 1 bathroom for 4 people, things can get pretty icky pretty quickly, even with a weekly scrubbing. Using FLYlady's system (http://www.flylady.net/d/new-links/) I've found a way to keep the bathroom sparkling clean between cleanings in less than 3 minutes a day!

Here's my routine:
After everyone is out of the bathroom for the morning, I grab the hand towel and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol (I like it better than Windex.) Spray the mirror, wipe dry with hand towel. Wipe off counter, faucet, sink, back of toilet, toilet lid, bathtub ledge. Squirt some toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet, quick swish with the brush, flush. Get out a fresh hand towel and throw the one you used into the laundry. DONE! - and you have a fresh bathroom to enjoy all day and you're not embarrassed if someone shows up unexpectedly.

Sceptical? Try it for 1 week first thing in the morning  and see if it makes a difference to you.

Here's to a happy and healthy home!


  1. Besides alcohol takes care of germs. Thanks for the reminder, I worked for a lady a long time ago who used alcohol for all her cleaning.

  2. I love that rubbing alcohol takes care of the germs. It also dries spot-free, which is another great feature of it!

  3. Do you dilute it? I can't remember how I used it...

  4. I don't dilute it. Just pour it straight into a spray bottle and off you go! (Don't know how well it would work once you mixed it with water.)

  5. I do too... It's so easy, 1 product does all (at least daily wipe-downs) and everything is germ-free and sparkling!